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Sex during COVID-19. is it worth or is it better not ?

Sex gives exactly what we need most during the coronavirus epidemic: it reduces stress levels, improves mood, increases immunity and positively affects many aspects of our health. More sex, more health Having sex brings to our body a lot of positive changes. These advantages are, but in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, they have …


Are we still a sex object? Are we Sexy or is it already Sexist? “Emily in Paris” describe it perfectly

In the past a modern woman, taking care of body and cloth could be well seen as a sex object. Today, women are showing their independence and are sexy but not necessary seen as sex object.  sexy vs. sexist First of all, it is worth to know the difference between sexy and sexist. According to …

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Such behavior may indicate that your partner wants to leave

When we are betrayed, we experience unimaginable pain. Suddenly, something that we have been building sometimes for many years falls apart. Someone we loved and trusted turns out to be a completely different person. It is very difficult for us to accept it. We are afraid that we will never be able to trust anyone …

Mother's Day newborn relationship partnership jewelleries gift present

New trend for Family and ORIGINAL gift for Mothers and newborn – BREASTMILK JEWELRY

Jewelry made of mother’s milk was for me as abstract as diamonds from the ashes of the deceased or pillows filled with cat’s hair. Why do this? Who is buying it? How is it done? When looking for a gift idea for a woman who became a mother, we usually buy something for a child. …

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Want to have great sex with your woman today? Take care of these few things

There is probably nothing more pleasant in sex than the satisfaction of a partner who looks at you in surprise and asks: what the hell has happened here now. You dream of great sex tonight (stupid question), if so – follow these tips and everything will turn out your way. Talk to her You are …

naturalny botox zdrowie twarz awokado jajko cytryna piękna twarz

Naturalny Botox! Ta maska do twarzy w magiczny sposób usuwa zmarszczki, blizny potrądzikowe i plamy już po drugim użyciu.

Awokado ma wiele zalet zdrowotnych, a także działa cuda na skórę – chodzi o poprawę zdrowia twarzy i upiększenie skóry. Zawiera kwasy tłuszczowe omega-3 i inne przeciwutleniacze, a także witaminy A, B, K i E, z których wszystkie mogą pomóc w poprawie zdrowia i dobrego samopoczucia skóry. Jak zrobić maseczkę z awokado? Tworząc maskę z …

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Ich helfe meiner Frau nicht!

Mein ganzes Leben lang hörte ich, dass ein Mann seiner Frau (Ehefrau, Partnerin) im Haushalt helfen sollte. Der „Familienlebensstil“ sagt auch, wie man eine perfekte Beziehung führt, in der ein Mann seiner Frau in einem Haushalt hilft! Die folgende Geschichte ändert euer Meinung völlig. Eines Nachmittags besuchte uns ein Freund. Während wir Kaffee tranken, sprachen …