Such behavior may indicate that your partner wants to leave

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When we are betrayed, we experience unimaginable pain. Suddenly, something that we have been building sometimes for many years falls apart. Someone we loved and trusted turns out to be a completely different person. It is very difficult for us to accept it. We are afraid that we will never be able to trust anyone again.


Sometimes, it turns out that a partner who sooner or later finds someone new, may reveal it with his behavior. So what should we pay attention to in order to spare ourselves pain and tears.

Below are some of the behaviors that may precede the death of a loved one.

New habits, hard to explain

He start to show certain behaviours that are not typical of him. You notice changes in his behavior and are unable to say where they came from.

He doesn’t want to spend time with you

You notice that your partner is no longer as interested in spending time with you as he used to be. He prefers to go out with friends or even disappear for a few days, although he has not done so before.

He doesn’t make eye contact while talking

Before, when you were talking, he would always look you in the eye, and now his gaze is constantly escaping somewhere. This should be a clear signal to you that your partner is hiding something.

You argue more

You argue much more often. You even notice that your partner becomes irritated at the mere sight of you.

The passion is gone

You get the impression that your partner has gotten cold in relation to you and your love life has practically disappeared.

You don’t communicate

In the past, you could talk for hours and usually he initiated your conversations. Now you get the feeling that if he could, he wouldn’t be talking to you at all.

You feel rejected

You start to see situations in his behavior that show that your partner no longer wants you to be / be part of his life.

He became very selfish

In the past, your common matters were the most important for him, and today you can see that he started thinking only about himself.

He hides his phone

Previously, his phone might be on top and he didn’t mind seeing who was calling him, but now he makes sure that his phone doesn’t fall into your hands by accident.

He is not involved in relationship

He shifted all responsibility for your relationship onto you. He’s not as interested or involved as he used to be.

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