New trend for Family and ORIGINAL gift for Mothers and newborn – BREASTMILK JEWELRY

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Jewelry made of mother’s milk was for me as abstract as diamonds from the ashes of the deceased or pillows filled with cat’s hair. Why do this? Who is buying it? How is it done?


When looking for a gift idea for a woman who became a mother, we usually buy something for a child. Although it is certainly a practical solution, a gift dedicated only to mum will certainly please her more. And if the chosen gift is personalised and has sentimental value, it will certainly mean a lot for such a mother.

The world is rushing so fast, babies are growing rapidly, the next stages of their development pass quickly. In the mother’s life there are many precious and beautiful moments that pass. It is combing the baby’s first unruly curls, watching the first independent steps on a walk or simply breastfeeding. Is it possible to keep such memories forever?


Jewelry is not only an ornament or an accessory. It can be an amulet that gives strength and drives away worries. The most beautiful jewelry for a mother is the one that contains a part of the most beautiful stage in her child’s life.

The memory of breastfeeding touches almost every mother. It’s so hard to accept the fact that this stage of motherhood doesn’t last forever. Unusual closeness, the magical relationship between mother and child, pleasure, the essence of life – we associate it all with mother’s milk. It’s amazing that these feelings can be preserved forever after all. Mother’s milk jewelry is the most beautiful way to ensure that these maternal memories are always with us. All you need is a small amount of milk, which is subjected to a special thermal treatment that allows you to obtain elements of milk jewelry such as beads or pendants.

On every browser you can find companies specialised in making breastmilk jewellery. The process of preparing such jewelry is quite laborious and takes several weeks. All mothers, who did it, said it is worth. I need to admit that despite my initial distrust, I am impressed by innovation.

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