Want to have great sex with your woman today? Take care of these few things

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There is probably nothing more pleasant in sex than the satisfaction of a partner who looks at you in surprise and asks: what the hell has happened here now. You dream of great sex tonight (stupid question), if so – follow these tips and everything will turn out your way.

Talk to her

You are looking for sophisticated techniques that will shock and surprise you. But neither of these matters unless you know what your partner is reacting to, what she enjoys. So tonight let in a relaxed atmosphere give you the opportunity to talk about what you like.

If she has trouble speaking, encourage her by asking questions. Does she like to be dominated? What kind of porn does she like? What’s the hardest for her? Is he fantasizing about sex? This way you will not only gather valuable information, but also stimulate her largest sex organ – the brain and become better in bed before you touch her.

Give her more time

Of course, this does not apply to all women, but it is said that prolonged kissing and touching through clothing can raise a woman’s level of excitement. Don’t put your fingers between her legs right away, give her time, wind her up, and sex will surprise you, moreover, she will just start demanding it at some point.

Take care of the whole body

Women (and men) have far more erogenous zones than the handful we focus on. If you follow this guide, you’ll already be stimulating – her brain – encouraging her to think about what she likes. Also pay attention to her scalp, ears, neck, wrists, fingers, feet, and make today’s sex a whole-body experience.


It’s nice to love each other longer than usual, so today don’t get carried away by your instincts, focus on her. When you feel yourself coming, slow down, get out of her, take care of her until everything else calms down. It will allow you to learn about your own reactions and control them, and thus extend the relationship itself.

Well, have a good sex today.

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