I am not helping my wife!

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Completely my life I was hearing the stuff about how a man is helping women (wife, partner) in the household. Later on, when I was a teenager the “family life-style” changed to how to manage a perfekt relationship, in which a man is helping a women in a household! The below story change completely your mind.  

One afternoon a friend visited us. While drinking coffee, we talked about life and everyday matters. At one point I said, “Wait a minute, I’ll just do the washing and be right back.” He looked at me as if I had at least announced that I was going to build a space rocket. He replied with a mixture of surprise and admiration, “It’s cool that you are helping your wife. I don’t help mine, because when I do it, she shows no gratitude, for example last week I washed the floor and I didn’t even hear a thank you. “

My wife doesn’t need a helper – she needs a partner

I sat back down and explained to him that I was not “helping” my wife because my wife didn’t need a helper – she needed a partner. It is not a matter of helping because we have a division of responsibilities. We live together in the house, so it’s obvious that I am cleaning this house because I also dirty it.

I don’t help my wife in the kitchen because I also have to eat, so I have to cook too.

I don’t help my wife wash the dishes – I do it because I also use plates, glasses and forks.

I do not help my wife with children, because they are also my children and it is my father’s duty.

I don’t help my wife to wash, hang or fold clothes – I do it because it’s also my and my children’s clothes.


I am not the “helper” in the house, I am part of it

I am not the “helper” in the house, I am part of it. As for gratitude and thanks, I asked my friend when was the last time he thanked his wife, when she finished cleaning the house, doing the laundry, changing the sheets, bathing the children, cooking, taking care of the rest …

Did you really thank her like, “Great, honey! You’re fantastic!”?

This story seems absurd to you? Odd? Why do you expect rewards and praise when you once in your life wash your floor? Have you wondered about it, my friend? Maybe it’s because our culture is still majestic and we believe that taking care of the house is a woman’s responsibility and a man doesn’t have to lift a finger. Thank your wife as you would like to be thanked. Get moving, act like a real partner, not like a guest who only comes to eat, sleep, bathe and satisfy his sexual needs … Feel at home. In my house!

Real change in our society begins in our homes, where we teach our daughters and sons to feel together. “

~ source: Congress of Women Association

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